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Luke Bailey

Clash of Kings:The West - Create Alliances and Crush Your Foes

I got an idea for the mod, just like in character creation you can customize your own troops, and maybe this could be added in clash of kings too! I like the idea of being able to create your own kingdom and have your own types of troops. Great mod in all, thumbs up

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clash of kings the west download

Clash of kings is a very famous strategic game. It has millions of downloaders that's why it is top rated app on the internet. This is a war game where you have to fight against different armies. You are boss of this game so you have to build everything on your own for yourself and for your army. Assemble army and attack your enemies with great force. Be smart while making your base otherwise your opponents will destroy your base and towers in seconds. This game has very awesome features which gives best gaming experience.

If you are looking for hack version of this game then you don't need to hack this. For this purpose you have to download mod version of this game. With mod version you will get unlimited cash, gold or resources for free.Q. How to download clash of kings?You can easily download this game from the Google play store and Apple store. Also if you want to download Apk file of his game then you can download it from the website without any issue.Q. What is the size of clash of kings game?This game is not heavy in size so you can easily download this game on your mobile phone. The size of this game is 140 MBs on the Google play store. 3.87 / 5 ( 30 votes )Recommended for YouSummoner's Greed Pro ..


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