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A Bit About Me

My Story

As a Mother of two, I discovered Restore Your Core™ post  second pregnancy, six years ago.  Needing help with back pain, diastasis recti and sore shoulders! The techniques I have learned have encouraged mindful movement and helped build a platform of strength not just in my core but my whole body enabling me to progress to more advanced forms of exercise. I soon realised how beneficial the techniques I was learning would be to my long term health. Being a passionate follower grew into becoming a dedicated Teacher and now I really enjoy helping others feel and experience the benefits of restoring their core.

I am currently also training as a modern postural Yoga Instructor focusing on biomechanics to further supplement what I have learned through Restore Your Core™, and have started to offer ad-hoc classes that target common tension areas using the skills I have learnt from both courses, aiding participants to move more freely and develop awareness of their own movement patterns. 

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