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Restore Your Core™ classes

Stages 1 to 4

These hour long classes provide a great way to follow along to Lynn as she teaches you techniques that will nourish your body. In the current environment these are conducted via Zoom with opportunity for some Q&A at the end of each class + optional homework that include helpful video clips from Lynn for those that want to practice between sessions. These classes cover the following stages:

  • RYC® Level 1 – These classes are vital for building the foundational understanding for how to restore your core. We will perform whole body exercises to retrain your core and pelvic floor to be reflexive and functional for your everyday movements both on and off the mat. We will work on breathing patterns, posture and alignment using cues to help you effectively use your body with love. You will be amazed at how such small movements work your body so effectively. 

  • RYC® Level 2 – These classes build on the foundations you learnt for breathing and challenge your body further so you can build strong glutes and a functional reflexive core. You will learn to load your body gently, and confront your compensation patterns. These classes are only for those that have completed level 1.

  • Core and More classes - take your strengthened movement patterns to new and fun levels. These more challenging classes require completion of previous levels, where having built on earlier foundations, you build strength further and become your own master of movement.


COMMENCING SAT 13 Feb 2021, 09:45-10:45am FOR 6 WEEKS

Price = £75

NOW FULLY BOOKED - Get in touch to find out about future dates


COMMENCING SAT 13 Feb 2021. 08:30-09:30am FOR 6 WEEKS


COMMENCING WED 17 Feb 2021, 19:45-20:45 FOR 6 WEEKS

Price = £75

Get in touch with Lynn via button below to secure a place. 

Small class sizes - I will mute all participants at the start but feel free to  unmute to ask a question and I will finish to allow Q&A for tips at the end.

More dates in 2021 TBC. 


Contact Lynn to find out more via the get in touch button below if you are interested but the next start dates or times don't work for you. If there is sufficient demand I can add extra classes.


One-to-One Consultations

If you have specific issues, or find yourself avoiding activities you used to love, or are experiencing pain, a one-to-one consultation is for you. Lynn offers help with back, hip, foot or shoulder pain, core and pelvic floor issues, helping both male and female clients.


You will work with Lynn on decoding your problems, identify blind spots and your own body’s compensation patterns. You will explore personalised techniques to help you repattern mind-body connections and strengthen your body. The first consultation will assess your alignment, breathing mechanics, gait and movement patterns where it is appropriate based on your reasons for visit.


Each consultation lasts an hour. £50 per consultation.  You can also expect to receive some helpful takeaways (which Lynn likes to call 'homework') in the form of mini-videos. Typically sessions would be a few weeks apart to allow time for you to make progress before moving onto next steps

Ad-hoc workshops


Tension release - Sat 12 Dec 2020, 8.30am

1 hour - £10

Sitting at a computer all day, not moving enough in lockdown? Tight hip flexors, aching back, tight shoulders or glute pain? Come to a one-off session with Lynn to work on all those areas to release tension and learn moves you can repeat as necessary.

Props required: Ideally a yoga block (or a thick blanket, large towel folded up), ideally two small ish balls like two tennis balls, or massage balls in a bag or sock.

Sign up using the contact form below and you will be notified of future special one-off classes that are being run to target different zones of the body for example S.I. joint pain, or Hip mobility. These are mindful movement sessions where you will benefit from Lynn's extensive training and experience to relieve tension in your body.

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