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Luke Bailey
Luke Bailey 2: A Smooth and Fun Multiplayer Experience from Voodoo 2 is an online multiplayer io Game where you capture as much territory as possible. Extend your area as much as possible. Use your paper block to steal the area from your online opponents in this online web game. Capture as much space as possible and try to get the highest score in the lobby. If you move outside your own color, your tail becomes exposed. You will be eliminated when someone manages to catch your tail. So you need to take risks to expand your colored area. has been exposed multiple times for being a fake multiplayer game! Yeah, that's right, you've been fighting against noob bots all along... You can turn off your WiFi and still play the app.

paper io

Battleship game, also commonly known as Sea Battle and Battleship unblocked, was created during World War 1 as a pencil and paper game. It became a plastic board game in 1967 and was later adapted to electronic versions.

Conquer the lands of the enemy by sneaking their lands and make larger the main area of your lands by making sure that you are getting larger around of your main land. If one of your opponents hits your line while you are conquering lands, you lose. Try to make your lands larger carefully and become the empiror of the paper io game!

Multiplayer is addictive masterpiece of io games world. Move your mouse to get more space for yourself, but dont get caught by other paper io online players, because they want to kill you!

Letterpress printing is a printing process that is currently experiencing a renaissance. When letterpress printing was first invented, it was a way to transfer ink on paper by just slightly touching...

EXTRAROUGH RECYCLING is the recycled variant of EXTRAROUGH. Super rough and FSC-certified. Developed by our friends at Mohawk paper mill and made from 100% post-consumer waste. And of course matching...

The SIOP White Paper series organizes and summarizes important and timely topics in I-O psychology for business and HR professionals, members of the press, and interested individuals. SIOP White Papers are produced by three SIOP committees: International Affairs, Scientific Affairs, and Visibility. For more information about the SIOP white papers, read the "About the Authoring SIOP Committees" section at the bottom of this page. All white papers listed are downloadable PDFs.

One of the principle goals of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) is the publication of SIOP white papers on topics of interest to the international practitioner and academic I-O community. The International Affairs Committee is geared toward ensuring that SIOP members and affiliates have a means of collaborating and communicating with international affiliates and members of similar international associations.

The purpose of the Hot Topics white paper series is to provide short briefs on high-interest topics in I-O. These papers are written with a non-I-O audience in mind, and SIOP members are encouraged to use these papers as a resource to share with clients, business partners, and others who are interested in learning more about a topic.

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The Visibility Committee Hot Topic white papers are written by I-O PhD students, researchers, faculty, and practitioners and undergo reviews from both a committee member and an external reviewer who has expertise in the topic area. This work is managed by the HR/Business subcommittee of the SIOP Visibility Committee. The committee was created to enhance the visibility of I-O Psychology to inform thought leaders in business, HR, and government, as well as students and the general public, of the ways in which I-O can improve the profitability of business and the productivity and well-being of the workforce.

SIOP is always interested in soliciting ideas for our Hot Topic paper series from our members. If you are interested in proposing a paper, email the Visibility Committee and check out our Instructions to Authors.

Anyone who has ever played 2 online would agree that one of the main appeals of the game is its extremely low learning curve that makes it so easy to pick up and play even if you have never tried it before. Basically, you are drawing with a pencil or a marker on white paper outlining an area that you want to capture. As soon as you close the line, everything you have just encircled changes into your color and becomes part of your territory and score. The only problem is that other players can attack you while you are outside of your space. If they hit your line before it is finished, you will lose everything.

This game provides you with a smooth experience of competing against online players. It is a drawing game and you have to swipe your fingers on the screen to start drawing on the piece of paper. This game has very good reviews from people; it can only be played online. 2 (Android, iOS) is a fun game which is .io based, that requires players to chomp away at the arena as well as the safe zone of other players within the game. The multi-player chomp game is a fast-paced game which lets players chomp pieces off the field and turn those pieces to their perspective colors. You can achieve this by leaving your zone and looping around; however, all you need do is to try not to get cut off, because once that happens, you lose!The fun game, an offshoot of was developed by VOODOO, like a puzzle and general interest game.


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